Vervain (Verbena officinalis)

Hardy perennial reaching up to 1m/3ft high with toothed, lobed leaves and pale mauve flower spikes in midsummer. Prefers well-drained sunny position.  Known medicinally as a ‘cure-all’ herb, vervain is thought to restore and calm the nervous system, is a digestive tonic and can help relieve headaches.  It is used for women’s health, fevers, insomnia, anxiety and stress. 

Drinking vervain tea, very hot, is said to induce sweating which is effective at the start of a cold or fever for eliminating toxins.  It also relaxes and soothes both digestive and nervous system.  As a tincture, vervain is used to treat hot flushes, restlessness and nervous tension caused by menopause.

Vervain should be harvested whilst in flower and above-ground parts dried.  Works well with Self Heal.


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