Sea Kale (Crambe maritima)

Edible perennial growing to 0.6 m by 0.6 m.  Full sun or semi-shade.  Tolerates maritime exposure.  A very hardy plant.

Young leaves can be eaten raw or cooked like spinach. Goes well in a mixed salad. Older leaves are bitter and not as pleasant. Young shoots can also be eaten raw or cooked in the spring. The shoots are usually covered and blanched. Cook like asparagus. Root can be cooked and is rich in starch and sugars. The flowering shoots can be eaten raw or cooked and are harvested when about 10 - 15cm long and before the flowers have opened. Used like sprouting broccoli, they are quite nice raw and delicious when lightly steamed.

Good bee plant. Noted for attracting wildlife.

Propagation by seed, or division in Spring or Autumn.  Dig up plant and slice off sections with at least one growing point. 


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