Sea Buckthorn (Hippophae rhamnoides) CHOICE OF MALE/FEMALE PLANTS


A deciduous shrub growing 6m/19’ high by 2.5m/8’ wide.
Flowers in April, and the seed ripens from Sep to October. (Both male and female plants need to be grown to produce seed). Can grow in nutritionally poor soil and can withstand maritime exposure. Prefers a damp/wet soil but can tolerate drought.  Does not tolerate full shade.
Useful as a shelter hedge – quickly makes an impenetrable, thorny barrier.  Is also a nitrogen-fixing plant.

Fruit can be eaten raw or cooked, although very acid to taste (less so if cooked). Very rich in vitamin C and vitamin A. Can be used for making fruit juice, especially mixed with other fruits.

Sea buckthorn is a useful pioneer shrub for re-establishing woodland in difficult areas as it is quick-growing even in exposed areas and fixes nitrogen.  As it is light-demanding, it will eventually be out-competed by other woodland trees.

The wood of the Sea Buckthorn is also used for fuel and charcoal.


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