Scorzonera / Black Salsify (Scorzonera hispanica)

Organically grown, well-rooted Scorzonera plants grown in 8cm pots.

A perennial, growing to around 1m tall with yellow flowers and dark roots.  Prefers a light soil.

Used as a root vegetable, Scorzonera can be used in much the same way as Salsify and any other root vegetable – mashed, boiled or roasted. Skin will need to be peeled before eaten.  Boiling first makes it easier to remove.

The root is usually eaten at the end of its first year of growth, but it can be grown on for a second year without becoming tough. Young leaves can be eaten raw. The tender young shoots are usually eaten in early spring. Flower buds and petals can be eaten raw and added to salads.

Propagation – by seed. Roots can be removed and the ‘stump’ replanted to regrow.  Division of plants can be done in Autumn or with new growth in Spring.