Sand Leek/Rocombole (Allium scorodoprasum) BULBILS

Not to be confused with Rocombole Garlic (Allium sativum v. ophioscorodon).

An interesting addition for the perennial garden.  Produces edible bulbs (underground), stems and clusters of bulbils (above ground on looping stems) which can both be used as a mild garlic substitute.  Young leaves can also be cut and used as chives. Stems can be cut at ground level and will regrow. Use as mild garlicky leeks. 

Sow bulbils undercover in autumn into pots of seed compost and bring on over winter.  Plant out in Spring.  Direct sow in spring for a slightly later crop.  Several bulbils can be planted in same pot to achieve clumps of plants quicker.

Once plants have flowered and produced bulbils, foliage will die back and a bulb will form below ground that if left in situ will produce the leeks next year – so it is worth leaving at least a few unharvested if you wish to use as a perennial plant.

The whole plant is said to repel moles!

A good alternative to Babington Leeks.


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