Purple Tree Collard (Brassica oleracea var. Acephala)

A hardy perennial kale reaching around 2m tall.  Tolerating most soil types.  Prefers full sun but does ok in partial shade. Hardy to around -5 degrees.

As plants get  taller they are likely to require staking - especially on a windy site.  Even so, its habit seems to be to splay its heavier side shoots which can fall to the ground.  These will then start to grow up again. This does not seem to hinder growth.

A beautiful purple tinge to leaves which gets more pronounced in cold weather.  Leaves are available all year and can be used as other kales.  Lovely flavour - even sweeter after a frost.

An impressive plant in both looks and productivity - one of our faves!

Can last up to 10 years - rarely flowers.  Easily propagated by cuttings either placed straight into the ground or into pots to establish first.


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