Lemon Cat Nip / Cat Mint (Nepeta cataria Citriodora)

Citriodora has mildly lemon-scented leaves that make it a great companion plant as it is said to help repel pests, including aphids, flea beetle as well and ants, as well as rats and mice! It can be used as an infusion to repel fleas from pet fur or carpets as an extract from the leaves has insect repellant properties.


Young leaves have a mild mint flavour and can be eaten raw - especially in salads.  The leaves (either fresh or dried) can also be used to make a refreshing tea.


Traditionally used as a herbal remedy for digestive disorders and for reducing fevers.  It is said to be suitable for treating colds flu and fevers in children owing to its pleasant taste and gentle action.  Often used in conjunction with Sambucus nigra (European Elder).


Prefers well-draining soil and a sunny position.


A great bee plant!


NB - It is said to be slightly less attractive to cats than other cat mints (although our cat is still rather partial to it!)


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