Lady's Mantle (Alchemilla mollis)

Alchemilla mollis also known as Lady's Mantle is a perennial herb that grows up to 40 cm in height and spreads up to 60 cm. It has sprawling stems and large (up to 8 cm in width) circular or kidney-shaped grey-green leaves at the base. In late spring and early summer, the plant blooms with dense clusters of small, yellow-green flowers. Once flowers and foliage become untidy in late summer, cut back to encourage new foliage. Unless you want the plant to seed itself freely, cut back the flowering stems before they seed. The hairs on the leaves catch and hold water droplets, so are very attractive after rain or when drops of dew collect on them, like beads of liquid mercury. These beads of water were considered by alchemists to be the purest form of water, and they used this water when attempting to turn base metal into gold – hence the name “Alchemilla”. It can tolerate most soil types. Keep moist, but well drained. When used medicinally the whole plant is used, gathered when in flower in June or July. Due to it's tannin content it has very astringent and styptic properties. It is of a very drying and binding character and is used for inflamed wounds and to stay bleeding it is also used to help in the field of women's health, around menstruation and menopause. Always consult a professional when using medicinal herbs