Egyptian Walking / Tree Onion PLUGS (Allium proliferum)

Also known as topsetting onions, multiplier onions or Egyptian walking onions, Allium × proliferum Fascinating clump-forming perennial onion that spreads via clusters of bulbils growing at the top of the plant. These bulbils will eventually weigh down the plant, allowing the bulbils to root into the soil and grow a new plant. They can ‘walk’ between 1-3 feet a year. Bulbils do not usually appear in the first year. The whole of the plant can be eaten. The green leaves can be taken – just a couple from each plant recommended. The bulbils can be collected and eaten (although leave some to plant for next year! The bulb can be used as a normal onion – they are about the size of a shallot. However, by pulling up the whole plant it will of course not return the next year so do leave some to come again and produce more bulbils. 3x Plug plants - 1 bulbil per plug

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