Comfrey BOCKING 14 Symphytum x Uplandicum Root Cuttings

This is a non-spreading variety of comfrey.

Clump-forming herbaceous hardy perennial reaching over 1m/3ft high with prolific, long, broad, hairy basal leaves and bell-shaped pinkish/purple flowers in early summer.

Comfrey is a fantastic mineral (especially potassium) accumulator plant due to its long tap root.  Works well planted around fruit trees.  The plant can also be cut several times a year and the foliage placed on soil as a mulch.

Comfrey can also be used to make liquid fertilizer.  Place cut foliage into a container and weigh down with a board and bricks and cover.  After a few days, a thick dark liquid will form.  Dilute with water at a ratio 1:10.

Root cuttings are 2-5cm long depending on thickness.  On receiving your root cuttings they can either be potted up into 9cm pots or planted directly outside in their permanent position.  Do not let them dry out.

Bringing on in pots – fill a 9cm pot with good well-draining compost or soil.  Plant root cutting 2 inches/5cm deep.  Keep the compost damp but not wet.  Root cuttings can take between 1-3 months to emerge so please do be patient.  They are very reliable.

Pots can be kept outside or in greenhouse/polytunnel.  Plants can be planted out into permanent position when first leaves have fully emerged.

Planting out– root cuttings can be placed directly into their permanent position.  Once established, Comfrey can be hard to get rid of and will regrow from the smallest piece of root so be sure where you want it to grow.

Plant cuttings approx. 10cm deep in the soil.  Again, they can take 1-3 months to emerge so patience is needed and its probably best to mark where you have planted them.


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