Babington Leek (Allium ampeloprasum var Babingtonii) BARE ROOT x 3

Babington Leek (Allium ampeloprasum var Babingtonii). An extremely low maintenance, hardy and very tasty, edible perennial leek native to UK.  YOU WILL RECEIVE 3 FULLY ROOTED BULBILS WITH LEAVES. These can be potted up and planted out in Spring.

All parts of this versatile plant are edible. Although it is best to leave for first season to allow them to bulk up. Harvesting time is usually around March to June. The whole leek can be cut off above the bulb which will regrow.  Best to do this before they send up flowering stalk. Leaves can be harvested and have a garlicky flavour.  Great in soups, cooked foods, salads, you can also pickle the bulbils.  Flowers from July - August if not harvested - then forming a head of small bulbils that will fall onto the soil to send up yet more plants next year.  Over the years, as the leeks clump up, they can be thinned and replanted (or eaten!)  Plants that do not flower (first couple of years) will die down in Summer and reappear in Autumn so my be worth marking where they have been planted.

Height 180cm, width 10cm. Can tolerate most soils and positions except full shade. Hardy to Zone 6 (UK).

Medicinally it is as garlic but not quite as potent. Fungicidal, antiseptic and parasiticidal.



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