New Stock just added!!

We have expanded our stock list - this year we are trying out several new plants. These include: Matricaria recutita 'Bodegold' - an annual german chamomile with the highest levels of essential oils present, larger flowers and a sweeter taste to other varieties Couve Galega - Portuguese Walking Stick Kale - a biennial/perennial kale grown for its large, vitamin-packed leaves Tree Onion/EgyptianWalking Onion - a multiplier onion clump-spreading by top-setting bulbils These have now been added to the shop... ...more new stock coming soon...!

New Stock

With the days steadily getting longer and the temperatures on the rise, our plants have really put a spurt on. Check out the shop the see the latest additions which include: Siberian Purslane, Nepalese Raspberry, Rosa Rugosa, Sweet Violet and St John’s Wort. We have been busy raising thousands of plants this year, with several new additions including Vegetable Mallow, Moringa and Lemongrass which we hope to add to our available stock very soon. Please do keep checking back as we add plants all the time. If you would like any info on any particular plant, do drop us a line. Happy growing!