In the coming weeks we will be harvesting our mashua crop.   If you are interested in purchasing, please select the 'Notify Me' button on the Mashua page and you will be sent an email as soon as they are in stock.

Here is a little more  information about these amazing and versitile tubers:

Tropaeolum tuberosum is a root crop that originates from the Andes Mountains of South America, specifically in Peru and Bolivia.  Evidence exists of ancient use of mashua, as far back as 8000 years ago, with introduction to Europe circa 1827.

Stock update

Thank you all for your continuing support! Perennial vegetables and medicinal herbs are definitely in demand! Just a quick note to say please don't be disheartened if things appear to be out of stock - this is most likely very temporary as we are updating stock levels as quickly as we can. Please do keep checking back - or even better, use the 'Notify Me' button and add your email address to get a message straight to your inbox when items are back in stock.

Gardening in Strange Times

A huge thanks to all our customers for your recent orders! It warms our hearts to see so many of you supporting our small independent business - and to see so many familiar names coming back for more! We are currently experiencing a high demand for all our plants and although we are currently keeping up with orders - please be aware that we may take a day or two longer to get your plants out to you. We are doing our best!

In Praise of Perennial Veg (and herbs)

As we plummet swiftly into the 'Hungry Gap'- the period of time usually between April and June when the last of the winter crops are dwindling and the summer crops are yet to bear fruit- I wonder why we don't grow more perennial vegetables. Don't get me wrong- annual veg is great too and I am up there with the first to lay out all my seed packets in January and wait impatiently for the first moment to get sowing, but what about now? This awkward interim?

New Stock just added!!

We have expanded our stock list - this year we are trying out several new plants. These include: Matricaria recutita 'Bodegold' - an annual german chamomile with the highest levels of essential oils present, larger flowers and a sweeter taste to other varieties Couve Galega - Portuguese Walking Stick Kale - a biennial/perennial kale grown for its large, vitamin-packed leaves Tree Onion/EgyptianWalking Onion - a multiplier onion clump-spreading by top-setting bulbils These have now been added to the shop... ...more new stock coming soon...!

New Stock

With the days steadily getting longer and the temperatures on the rise, our plants have really put a spurt on. Check out the shop the see the latest additions which include: Siberian Purslane, Nepalese Raspberry, Rosa Rugosa, Sweet Violet and St John’s Wort. We have been busy raising thousands of plants this year, with several new additions including Vegetable Mallow, Moringa and Lemongrass which we hope to add to our available stock very soon. Please do keep checking back as we add plants all the time. If you would like any info on any particular plant, do drop us a line. Happy growing!